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The Book Factory Book Club,

Queensland Australia.
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Group Review:

The members of our Book Club “The Book Factory” came up with some words to describe what they thought of the first book of the series.

Generally they all thought the book had funny, creative characters. Hippograffs seemed to be a favourite as was Eldervale. The five Book Clubbers that read this book all enjoyed it and said they look forward to reading the next in the series.  They found the beginning a bit “jumpy” but then got into the story.  There were a lot of favorites in this book from Windslow, Fernbark, the Sallyforth triplets, Eldervale and of course the hippograffs.  Windslow being in a wheelchair didn’t seem to have any negative feedback; it actually made the story more interesting.


Individual Comments:


“A new intriguing, exciting, action packed story. It was exciting, many cool parts, lots of action and a few funny parts to.  It is different with wizards and monsters, soldiers with swords, dream slipping, magic and animals. Some are the same with different animals altogether.  I’m going to get every book in the series.”

-- James


“I would quote this book as ‘5 STARS’ (I have only ever read “3 STAR” books and they were great.)  It was unbearable to put down. I would recommend this book to anyone who would like a fantastic read.”

                                                       -- Lachlan H. Age 12


“A book you can’t put down. By the first page I knew the book would be good. I liked the thrill of not knowing what was around the corner and Windslow because he was so determined to be the best brother even though he was in a wheelchair. ”

-- Madeline G. Age 11


“I would like to say that I look forward to reading the rest of the series.  Thank you for giving me the chance to read such an amazing book.  The way you wrote the chapter how the Sallyforth sisters took their own life to help the others really brought a tear to my eyes. (I was actually crying).”

-- Jesse H. Age 12


“I really REALLY liked The Book of Second Chances because it was funny, cool and a great book, but it was sad when the Sallyforth girls jumped in the well. I liked the book and I can’t wait till the next one.”

-- Lachlan M. Age 11


The Book of Second Chances is a fantastic fantasy with creative characters. You would more than likely love the book. You will enjoy all the characters, adventures, and spells, because I sure did. Fantastic and very addictive.  I thought it was great, and I would recommend it to my friends and family.  It was FANTASTIC!

-- Sarah K. Age 10


 “I loved the book, Especially the Hippograffs. The life of two thirteen year olds is about to change forever, they will discover a world of magical creatures, wizards and spells and a very special book. I liked it at the start when they were casting the spells on the book, Eldervale was hilarious.”

                        -- David, W. Age 10


  “The Book of Second Chances was full of adventure and mysteries. There was never a dull moment. If you are after a book of adventure and fun this is the one for you. This book follows the story of a boy in a wheelchair and who along with his sister have some very unusual adventures. Come along on their thrilling story and see them meet up with wizards and other strange creatures.”

                            -- Kessin, G. Age 9