Appreciated Comments from Past School Visits.

I want to thank Bob Lincoln for recommending J. Michael Blumer, author of The Book of Second Chances, as a speaker.  Please read his original email below--I can't say it any better!  I'll just add a few comments.
Mr. Blumer is outstanding.  He visited our school this morning and captivated our 4th through 8th graders for an hour.  He spoke about his interest in writing, lack of encouragement in his youth, how he almost by accident started this book and then developed the idea, rejections, getting published, the importance of writing and studying grammar and spelling, which received a spontaneous cheer from our 7th-8th grade language arts teacher!  He also answered many student questions.
J. Michael Blumer definitely is a great presenter. He is also willing to work with teachers and individual classrooms, and provides student study guides along with a facilitator version.  I would highly recommend him as a speaker.  Contact information is on his website: http://www.gabendoor.comPlease continue reading below. Thank you.
Hagdis Tschunko
Library Media Specialist
IHM-St. Luke's School
1065 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105


(Yesterday my parent volunteer told me her 4th grade daughter was at home sick on Monday when Mike was at our school, so Mom went to the Red Balloon that day to get his book.  Her daughter loves it, is half-way through already, and was reading with a flashlight at night!)


Hello Everyone,

I just want to tell you about an author we had visit on Tuesday to our school.  J. Michael Blumer, author of The Book of Second Chances.  It is a fantasy with wonderful writing, great descriptions, wonderful character development, and a fun plot.  It is the first in a series of 5 books which will be published soon.  His  web site is fantastic and he even created a special section for the kids at Sun Path.  Now that is going the extra mile.

His presentation was wonderful. He did 4 shows of 45 minutes with about 225 kids in each show.  He had great stories to tell, wonderful props, he gave away stuff throughout, and the kids were enthralled.  He has had a profound impact on our school and on one child in particular. She wants to be a writer. He gave her a copy of a manuscript of his book. Wow. She came up to me so excited that he listened to her, she is going to be a writer you know. She told me so. And he gave her suggestions as to how to become a writer.

I would recommend him to your school for an author visit.  J Michael Blumer is an up and coming star.  
Thank You,

Bob Lincoln M.Ed.
Media Specialist
Sun Path Elementary School
2250 17th Ave. East
Shakopee, MN 55379