Parents and Educators

I'd Love to Visit Your School
If you are within a 12 hour driving distance of Stillwater Minnesota, I'd be happy to visit your school or book club. I will even take an overnight trip to spend a day. My email: jmblumer [at]

Schools, Book Clubs, etc., I have worked with:

...His presentation was wonderful. He did 4 shows of 45 minutes with about 225 kids in each show.  He had great stories to tell, wonderful props, he gave away stuff throughout, and the kids were enthralled.

...Mr. Blumer is outstanding. He visited our school this morning and captivated our 4th through 8th graders for an hour.

If you are a bit far away, I still might be able to visit if you can schedule a nearly full day with multiple classes or multiple schools. If in doubt, just ask! If you are in another state, a two or three day visit, stopping at multiple schools, might be a nice break for me.

Gee... gosh... I'm getting enough requests that I ask you to contact me early. My available dates are filling up. Check my event calendar.

I have worked with as many as 900+ students split into 4 sessions and as few as a book club of 8 members. Propose whatever works for your school or organization.

I'd be happy to talk about any aspect of writing, and generally use my own book as an example whenever I can.

Fee?  $300, but read on.

A wonderful school advised me to charge a fee. I do bring along a lot of small gifts to hand out such as silicone dream-slip wrist bands, limited edition trading cards and usually give a signed copy of my book to a student that impressed me. For me it's part of promoting my book, but does cost me money. I understand how funds can be limited. (Besides, my wonderful wife is a teacher.) The golden rule -- ask and I'll see what I can work out. Maybe you have funds to purchase some books as an alternative to a fee.  Send me an email with your thoughts. Don't let a fee stop you from giving me a chance to inspire your students or supplement your activities.

If your students rarely have the opportunity to benefit from an opportunity like this, email me and I'll come for free.